3 Myths About DIY Projects

Are you a DIY type of person??  Do your DIY projects usually turn out exactly the way you expected, or did they take a small (or large) unexpected turn along the way??  Over the next few paragraphs we will discuss 3 myths or misconceptions people may have about DIY projects. Enjoy!!

Myth #1: DIY Projects can save me money!!

This is true to some extent.  Yes you will save money on some things; but you will also be investing more time.  And let’s face it-time is money.  One critical piece to saving money on DIY projects really depends on how well the do it yourselfer knows what he/she is doing.  Sure YouTube is great for all of you self teachers out there-but the question is will the integrity of the project hold up overtime?  Also, more time can be spent on projects simply due to lack of project material knowledge.  For example did you know they make caulk that looks like grout instead of a rubber line?  Many homeowners may not know about certain products the way a professional would which in turn really reduces the number of options available to a DIY homeowner.

Myth #2: Larger projects do not require a permit if a homeowner is doing the work!!!

This is 100% false. Even though a property is owned by the person doing the work city inspectors still want to be sure that major remodels (ie: additions, pools/hot tub installs, kitchen remodels, new builds, electrical, etc.) are being done correctly.  There will come a day when that particular homeowner no longer lives in that home and cities want to be sure previous owners do their do diligence to be sure the home is structurally sound and work has been done properly for the safety of future owners.  Homeowners that are DIY are able to pull a homeowners permit, complete the work themselves, and have it inspected.

Myth #3: DIY projects will help me build equity in my home!!!

This is true-to some extent.  Let’s face it – homebuyers are getting smarter in the market.  Many times,  homeowners can spot a “homeowners special” home within minutes of walking in the door.  Yes when we DIY we are building “sweat equity”- but we get the most bang for our buck when its done properly and looks like a professional did the job.  Also, many homebuyers are being more “permit” conscious when purchasing a home.  Meaning they want to know that even though projects were done by an owner they were inspected to ensure proper construction.  A simple call to the city with the address can provide a list of permits that have been pulled on a home.  Also, remember the little blurb about materials above?  When homeowners work with professionals who really have experience in their particular trade they are also maximizing their options.  Small details about material selections can have BIG impacts when it comes down to pricing a home to sell, product durability, and standing the test of time.