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Tillges Electric prudly serves the 20,000 residents of Stillwater, MN area with high quality residential and commercial electrical services. In fact, our co-owner is a Stillwater native! Jason has over 20 years of experience as a highly-trained electrician, and delivers superior residential and commercial electrical services. Tillges Electric performs residential electrical projects such as additions, basement finishing, lighting updates, remodels, and more. In addition, Tillges Electric also offers commercial electrical services for brick and mortar businesses as well as complete LED retrofits.

Tillges Electric is a dependable and fast-growing electrical company that serves the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area. If you live in Stillwater and are looking for a top-notch electrician, then we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

About Stillwater

As one of Minnesota’s oldest cities, Stillwater was founded in 1854. The name Stillwater comes from the calmness of the St. Croix River near the town center. The area drew a lot of attention for the vast forestry and river traffic. As a result, numerous saw mills were built along the river. Stillwater is also considered to be the birthplace of Minnesota. Stillwater, in the eyes of many, has been considered equally as important as Minneapolis and St Paul. Many important meetings took place in Stillwater during the birth of Minnesota as a state. Minneapolis was given the State of Minnesota, St. Paul became the capital, and Stillwater got the area’s first prison.

Today, Stillwater is a thriving community where people can go to shop, eat, boat, and hike. The steamboats are still a popular attraction as they were widely used in the area between the 1860’s and 1890’s. Now, several steamboats cruise the St Croix for entertainment purposes featuring dining, music, and dancing.

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