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Tillges Electric is a dependable and fast-growing electrical company that serves Mahtomedi, MN and surrounding metro area. Jason Tillges is from Mahtomedi and loves coming back to his hometown. Tillges Electric offers commercial electrical services for brick and mortar businesses as well as complete LED retrofits. In addition, we offer residential electrical services such as additions, basement finishing, lighting updates, and remodels. We are always working to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality electrical services to our customers.

Our goal is to be the best residential and commercial electrician in the Mahotmedi area. If you live in Mahtomedia, MN and are looking for a best-in-class electrician, then we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

About Mahotmedi

Mahotmedi is about 15 miles northeast of St. Paul. It began as a collection of summer homes in the mid-1800’s. Then, it as platted in 1883 by the First Mahtomedi Assembly of the Chautauqua Association. The name Mahtomedi comes from the Dakota name of the lake, which is mató (the grey bear), and mde (a lake). Over the next several years, tent cities began to spring up, as well as a YMCA clubhouse on the lakeshore. In 1899, a streetcar service from St Paul began regular operations, allowing for easy transit back and forth. Eventually, the Wildwood Amusement Park and a picnic ground was opened on the southeast shore of White Bear Lake.

Eventually, with the invention of the automobile, traffic began to lessen as people became more mobile and ventured off to other destinations. Then, with the Great Depression, the theme park closed and many of the businesses there suffered. In 1931, the residents voted to incorporate the City of Mahtomedi. In the 1970’s parts of Lincoln Township were annexed and merged with Mahtomedi. Over the next two decades, the city saw steady growth to over 8,000 residents in the early 2000’s.

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